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"As a chiropractor who sees over 100 pregnant moms per month, I don't know what I would do without these amazing pregnancy pillows.  If you are seeing pregnant moms in your practice, you have to get a set of these pillows!"
Dr. Brian Moriarty, Loving Chiropractic of Stuart
"Hi Dr. Clare. You have an awesome product. While treating a pregnant momma, she felt perfectly comfortable and safe and even asked if she could take the pillows home!  Looking forward to working with you again, and will be sure to refer other chiropractors needing pillows."  
in Health, Dr. Eileen Abrahamian. DC
Specializing in prenatal, post-partum, and pediatric care 


"Pregnant mom approved! It makes getting ready for the adjustment so supportive and comfortable. It hugs in just the right places. You guys are so genius for recognizing this need in the profession and making it happen."

Lauren Parker, Chiro Funding

"Hello Dr. Clare.  I'm super happy with the pregnancy pillows! Extremely useful for young babies as well.  And you have wonderful designs!"
Dr. Aubrey Jeanneau, Barcelona, Spain
"Our pillows are beautiful and we love them!  The design is great quality and the fabric is lovely.  We will be purchasing more in the future."
Dr. Julie Kahler, DC, Riverroad Wellness