Our Pregnancy Pillow's Interior Architecture Fully Supports Your Patient.


We made three changes to the traditional pregnancy pillow.  

It's no longer

just a pillow with a hole.




     Our pillows are:

  1. Contoured and padded with a soft foam to nestle and cradle the mother's stomach. They expand as she does. 
  2. Professionally manufactured of antimicrobial mid-firm foam with a soft foam floor; her stomach never touches the adjusting table when prone. 
  3. Encased with a high quality soft, HEAVYWEIGHT stretch fabric, the coverings work in conjunction with the pillow design and create a pillow "system" to enable the best prenatal experience.


      These pillows are meant solely for use in healthcare clinics to facilitate the care of pregnant mothers and infants, not for home use. For further questions about the design or materials, or anything at all, please feel free to reach out. We're here to serve your practice and its members.