Our pillows—A Newly Patented Design in Both Form and Fabric. A Pillow Like No Other.

Dissatisfied with the support and comfort
provided by traditional pillows, ICPA Webster certified
      Dr. Clare Stewart redesigned everything under the rabbit.


Dr. Clare Stewart, an ICPA Webster Certified Chiropractor, searched for a comfortable, supportive alternative to the traditional pregnancy pillows she had been using. When she could not find one, she developed her own.

Here is how her pregnancy pillows differ from others:

🔹The pillow cavity is contoured to cradle the mama's belly in support. Her belly never touches the table, providing her a sense of security..
🔹Both the inner and the outer pillow coverings STRETCH to work with the design, not against it.
🔹Priced quite affordably @ $180/set.

We are honored to serve DC's across the nation and abroad

"You have an awesome product. While treating a pregnant momma, she felt perfectly comfortable and safe.  Looking forward to working with you again, and will be sure to refer other chiropractors needing pillows."
   in Health, Dr. Eileen Abrahamian. DC Specializing in prenatal, post-partum, and pediatric care 
Unique, Patented Design-US 859,033S